Student Success Story

Ryan Herrschaft

Tulane University
A headshot of Ryan Herrschaft

I attended Tulane University, and graduated with a degree from Bachelors of Public Health and Tropical Medicine from Tulane University. I was a double major of Public Health and Psychology. I am a 21 year-old who graduated in May 2020 and grew up in Eastchester, NY

I chose Tulane because the school has an amazing program of Public Health. I knew I would have the opportunity to engage with renowned faculty conducting health research across the world. I also had heard about the high quality of the various other departments, which I knew would help me develop a well-rounded education.

What is it about New Orleans that appeals to you? It is all about the people. The people here are very kind and committed to caring for one another and seeing this city flourish. I think that is a really special part of being in New Orleans; I have never been in a place where people have such an immense pride in their community. The people are inseparable from the city’s vibrancy.
Why did you enjoy attending school in New Orleans? New Orleans is an incredible city to be a young person in. The city has an immense commitment to art, music, and entertainment. This makes the city a truly enjoyable place to explore. One of my favorite parts of the city is the cafes and incredible culinary culture; some of my best weekends in New Orleans have involved reading for class while at a local café. Further, the city is a great place to learn and grow. There are so many incredible community-based organizations down here eager to engage and involve young people.
Have you been connected to quality internship or job opportunities through your school and program? Were they valuable learning experiences for you? Yes. One of my most rewarding research experiences was through two grants from the Tulane Center for Academic Equity and the Tulane Honors Program, who funded an analysis of disparities in sexual violence related health disparities among marginalized groups. This research experience provided me exposure to public health research with real-world potential impacts. I grew as a writer, thinker, and statistical analyst. This experience, along with my overall education, prepared me a subsequent research program at the Minority Health Disparities Initiative, where I studied risk behavior among a network of people who inject drugs in rural Puerto Rico.
What would you tell a prospective student that is considering your school or program about your academic and New Orleans experience? To take the time to appreciate the immense cultural richness and resilience of the people of New Orleans. I came from the northeast, and therefore it took me a while to develop a sense of what New Orleans is. I encourage any coming here from out of town to learn about the immense tradition of New Orleans and the resilience of its people. Your academic experience will be immensely influenced by where you go and the community you find there. I have found the New Orleans and Tulane communities to be especially supportive of educational and personal development.